Marcinesis "Exercises at Sea".


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It is a therapeutic and body relaxation activity that is carried out in the sea in a group or personalised way for the purposes of prevention, recovery and physical compensation. In all the sessions, the use of seawater as a therapeutic agent is emphasised, as often exercises that seem difficult to practice in dry water can become very easy in the water.
It originates from two concepts "Sea" which corresponds to the liquid agent and its abundance on the planet together with its chemical components. And "kinesis" which refers to the movements of the "Sea" and the exercises that people do in the water for a specific purpose related to their health.
MARCINESIS" combines the temperature of the water and the physical forces of immersion especially the sea by means of therapeutic exercises. Exercises in water have become a very important therapy as a preventive and therapeutic means for a wide range of pathologies, mainly due to the benefits that water brings in comparison to dry exercise. These benefits are mainly to facilitate propulsion, to allow a three-dimensional displacement and to enable flotation, which helps the body to perform movements with greater freedom and less effort and pain than if they were carried out on dry land.

Authors describe seawater as a solution with such a varied composition that it is impossible to obtain its synthesis, its special physical and chemical conditions can be used as a medicinal resource, therefore, the minerals with the greatest presence in seawater that act on the organism are: Chlorine, Sodium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Calcium, Potassium, Bromine, Carbon, Strontium, Boron, Silicon etc.

This activity is suitable for people with disabilities, mobility problems and/or injuries. (report case for evaluation)

Includes: Qualified physiotherapist and/or sports science professional.

Age range: from 5 years and upwards.

Duration of the session: 1 hour


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